Character Model 

Character Model

This project was created in Zbrush for an Organic Modeling class at SCAD.
I was required to build a model based on the concept art we received at the beginning of the project. 
I went through the process of finding references, blocking the model, and doing retopology in Maya. After retopology, 
I created the clothes and props using Zbrush and Maya for a complete look.
Completed in March 2021

Concept Art

This concept is credited to Astri Lohne on ArtStation. I chose this concept because I liked her overall style. I think I will really enjoy creating her clothing and accessories.

Blocked Model

I used a reference image of an average woman to build this blocked model. This is the first human model I have ever created. 

Smooth Model

This is the smooth model I created in Zbrush, I then brought it into Maya for retopology.

Final Model

I sculpted most of the items in Zbrush, did retopology in Maya, took it back to Zbrush to do some details on my items, created displacement maps in Zbrush, and then brought everything back to Maya to add the shaders and render it.