Environment Build


Environment Build

This project was created in Maya for an Environment Building class at SCAD.
We were required to build an Environment based on a story. The story I chose is the Legend of Osiris. Over the course of the quarter, we created different props to put into our environment and our final project was the entire environment. I used Maya to model everything and I used Substance Painter to texture everything.
Completed in November 2020


This model is based off of a canopic jar from ancient Egypt. 


This lamp was created using references of 'modern Egyptian lamps'. 

Writing Utensils

In ancient Egypt, scribes would use papyrus, reed brushes, and a palette with various inks in it to write


I decided to make the couch in my environment more interesting by basing it off of a papyrus boat from ancient Egypt. In the Legend of Osiris, Isis uses a papyrus boat to go up and down the Nile looking for Osiris.


In the Legend of Osiris, Horus uses a harpoon to avenge his father and kill Set. 


In the Legend of Osiris, Set puts Osiris' body in a coffin and nails it shut. 


This is my favorite prop I created for this class. I modeled a stylized diorama of ancient Egypt.

Final Environment

To tie this room together, I added pictures of Osiris and Isis on the wall and the pyramids of Giza are silhouetted by the sunset.