Bone Daddy 

Bone Daddy

This model was created in Zbrush and Maya for a short film in a collaborative class at SCAD.
Completed in May 2021

Concept Art

The character concept art is credited to Brooke Heishman ( and the character concept and short film concept were done by Cole Touchton (@Coledrawsthings on Instagram). 

Final Model

I sculpted the head, hat, and body in Zbrush and did retopology in Maya. I extruded faces on the body to create the clothing. 

Final Model Detail

This is a close-up of the upper half of Bone Daddy's body. This render also shows the translucent skin surrounding the model's head. This translucent skin also appears around the hands. 

Textured Model

The model's texturing was done by Rad S, a student at SCAD. This render also includes the emissive properties of the translucent skin that was added for the short film.